Welcome to the Ward-Beck Systems Preservation Society.

Supplying a database of documentation, knowledge, and support for
Ward-Beck Systems consoles and broadcasting equipment since 2002.

Many manuals have been scanned in their entirety and converted to PDF for your personal use. 
The forum is available for your questions, and stories
The archive is available for your viewing pleasure.
An attempt at an encyclopedic entry is underway.
You can contribute any documents / photos to the upload section
Parts are frequently bought and sold
WBS rentals can be arranged in the GTA


The WBSps is not directly connected to Ward-Beck Systems but has been granted permission to scan, post and supply documentation as a knowledge base.

The WBSps would like to thank Ward-Beck Systems for supporting the website.  WBS is still making products like no other manufacturer. Their talented engineering team is constantly solving problems, their fabrication staff maintains a tradition of reliability and consistency.

please go to www.Ward-Beck.com/ for more information.

The WBSps is made possible by the work of
Anthony P. Kuzub of APKaudio.com.
If this is a service that has helped you out professionally please make a donation for his efforts.

Thank You For The Donations!
Louie B.
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Eugene J. - MANY Manuals Pictures Documents
Kevin L. - Documentation / Parts
Duane A. - Manuals / Parts
Warren B. - Documentation / Support
Tristan M. - Support

If you have WBS documentation you'd like to contribute, please contact Anthony at WBSps dot ca

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Add your Console / Modules to our guest map!
You can zoom right to your building and tag it!  Include your name, what you are running and a URL if you have one!  You must click the map to open the tagging window.



With the Permission of Eugene Johnson at WBS, the WBSps has been granted
permission to post data and manuals on WikiPedia.


All manuals, documents, pictures and logo's are property of Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. but have been scanned and
made available for distribution with the permission of Mr. Eugene Johnson, Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. 

This site is made possible with the work of APKaudio

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