RTO-214 and RTO-47 at NAB 2015!

Amongst the top end broadcast equipment showcased by Ward-Beck Systems at the NAB 2015 booth# C2541, Ward-Beck Systems is connecting with its Legacy user base by showcasing the RTO-214 and RTO-47 Equipment chassis’, a WBSps.ca support product.2015-03-24 23.47.16Fitting inside the racks are:

M490E – stereo line input module from the R series of Radio consoles
M520A Microphone pre-amp from the ST series console
M522C balance stereo EQ from the ST series
M461 Microphone pre-amp from an M1204 console

And the venerable M466/M467 compressor, limiter, de-esser, Gate, Meter set from the 460 and L series;  A dynamics set that was in production, unchanged, between 1977 to 1995.  This rack showcases only a small portion of  popular Ward-Beck Systems Legacy products.  View the Archive for more products

The RTO series has come about as a way for users of legacy equipment to safely rack mount loose modules in a user customizable package.  The RTO-214 can house (2) 14″ WBS legacy modules while the RTO-47 can house (4) 7″ modules.   Demand is growing to support the 400 series and 480 series of modules as well!  Though WBS is not manufacturing the modules, support through the WBSps.ca website and its user forum is legendary.

The Chassis’ are made by WBS Canada and are available now as a part of  their 200+ product catalog!

Ward-Beck Systems RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis ready to ship

Due to popular demand:

Ward-Beck Systems and APKaudio are excited to announce a new lineup of retro products. Started with possibly the most requested and in demand item the WBSps.ca has needed: 

The Ward-Beck Systems RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis and connector kit - A 2RU rack enclosure for (2) 14″ WBS modules. 

Most rack users have a 3RU box to enclose (2) WBS modules. With Studios shrinking in size and gear filling up the cramped racks with all the killer deals these day… there has been a need for this enclosure. 

Originally designed by veteran WBS fabricator Erwin S. for the current lineup of WBS AMS-8 products. The design updates and fabrication are carried forward by Shop Manager and Mechanical designer at Ward-Beck systems Dave Adams. Dave is a master metal smith utilizing the tools that built the modules WBSps users want to have rack mounted. Dave has been working with APKaudio to create a stable platform in a 2RU enclosure.

The BUM (Back Unit Mount) will be pre-punched for however you decided to wire it. Power options and i/o varieties make for easy design. 

Sold as a DIY kit with all the pieces you need. Shipped like Ikea flat. 

(2) 5 Pin Neutrik XLR Male for power cables
(3) 5 pin panel mount Neutrik XLR Female
(4) Reclaimed EDAC connectors – (New Available)
(2) 3 Pin Neutrik XLRM
(2) 3 Pin Neutrik XLRF
(2) 3 pin / TRS Combi Jacks
Internal hookup wire
(6) Numbered 2′ pieces of Mogami hookup wire
(4) Cheesehead Module screws
(3) spare 4-40 screw and nylon nuts
(1)  Set of vinyl stickers with Various audio related words and numbers on it

(2) 5 Pin Neutrik XLR Male for power cables
wire to build power cable
Expando for Power cable

$350 unwired as a complete flat packed kits with Neutrik Connectors. 

$475 assembled and wired to your modules specifications.

Future options will include:
- Internal Power supply
- DB25 pre-wired breakouts
- DB25 to EDAC connectors for the modules of your choice

Future designs include
RTO-47 (4) 7″ L series modules in 2RU 
RTO-27 (2) 7″ L series modules in 1RU 
RTO-26.5 (2) 6.5″ retro 400 series modules in 1RU 
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