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new domain name!  http://WBSps.ca

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 on: January 11, 2018, 03:23:12 PM 
Started by jeanmichel - Last post by jeanmichel
12 x 460A, 2 comp, 2 limiters, aux, patches, need tech work, located in Montreal. 6k :) 514-435-5722

 on: January 06, 2018, 09:46:50 PM 
Started by john Diggs - Last post by john Diggs

i'm looking for "card cages" that fits m450b, m124 format cards, not sure how the format would be called or where to look for a solution. If anybody has some laying around please let me know.

Also interested in a console frame that fits 400 serie module or just buckets, with or without edacs.

Also if you have any 400 series format routing modules, i need to replace a few m424 sensitivity/echo sends modules or any similar sends module.


 on: January 06, 2018, 09:32:10 PM 
Started by john Diggs - Last post by john Diggs
First, Thanks to Anthony, Warren and the rest of the contributors. I've been a long time Wbs fan. This site helped a lot racking some m460b, m470a, refurbished some m621 amps . I use this stuff pretty much everyday and love it!

The great news: 
I was able to rescue most of an early Wbs console,

I had about an hour to save what i could so i don't have much info on the console, other than trying to piece info together from the modules and info found here.  I could not save the frame and most of the racks card cage. no idea on model number of the console.

Here's what i could find about the console, and what i rescued:

It was big, super heavy frame, maybe 7-8 ft by 5 ft. with all the card cages and psu racks under at the back.

I think it was some kind of "film production audio console".  The only info i found is Service stickers on the modules saying it was originaly from NFB/ONF  (National film board, in Montreal i guess). Latest service dates were around 1979.

I could not find similar consoles online but it seems to be from the 400 series era.(?)

Here are the modules i salvaged:

m124  (mic preamp, line amp, no idea how it was configured on this console)
m402b eqs
m402a eqs
m404a hi/lo eqs
m406b - compressors

routing modules:
(All modules use very high quality components like Clare/pendar illuminated push-switches. Same format "cassette" as the m402a )

m424 - m1,m2,L source select, sensitivity (of m124's input??), ch on
m425 - Cue 1, cue 2 send, bus 1-8 sends, digitran thumbswitch
m426 - echo sends master pot, bus 1-8-off-a-b-c thumbswitch
m427 - echo send pre/post, ch on switch.
m429 -  cue1, cue 2 send, A-B-C sends push buttons

all faders were Eckmiller w85 passive 200ohm faders, and a few w66a elsewhere. Never seen a pic of a Wbs with these.

M450b - summing/ program amps
m166 - summing
m648 - 48v psu
m620 -  power amp? (i found no info on web!)
some vertical Vus panels with "rev time" written.
- various custom metal panels with Clare buttons for busses, with "HORN" buttons(?)
- a main monitor control custom metal panel with cue masters, main vol etc
- A psu rack
- most module backplanes with edacs, most edacs were destroyed though..
- long frame jacks patchbays

The meter bridge was destroyed before i got there, i had to leave the frame and most racks and card cages behind unfortunately.

If anybody can share info on this type of console or history, it would be very apreciated.
I plan on rebuilding the console.  I could not "study" the wiring of the console as i was rushed and only could rip it all off. I think it is probably some kind of custom work so i doubt much info on this console or most of the routing modules would still be findable.

This is where i'll need the help of the community

I plan on using as much of the modules as i can, i will probably need help concerning the optimum routing and for summing busses etc. i would like to get it back to specs. and usable as recording and mixing console.
For example, I could find the m450b summing module schematic here but i'm not clear on how to use it yet, i will need help.
I will also need help to form a basic signal flow/block diagram for the console, i'm not quite sure yet on how the W85a faders were implemented and what drives what.
The console had zero m441, so i assume the mic pre/line amp duty was all the m124. These are what i will use for preamps.

I will build a custom frame and card cages for the m124's if i have to, but if anybody has any leads on a frame that would work or wbs card cages please let me know.

I might also be interested in routing modules similar to m424, the preamp sensitivity switches, as most of mine are too damaged.

If you guys at wbsps want some detailed pictures of the lesser known modules let me know.

I also traced most of the lesser known routing modules schematics and parts layouts for my own use because i doubt the info still exists, if you want these let me know.

Hope this is interesting to some, and if anybody can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


 on: January 04, 2018, 09:02:34 AM 
Started by MacVader - Last post by MacVader
Hello all,
I am looking for a m461 faceplate. I realize that this "part" will be hard to find and that I may need to design one and have it manufactured, but if ever someone has one please let me know!

 on: December 20, 2017, 02:58:15 AM 
Started by lambert - Last post by lambert
It's my first post, so hi!
My question is about putting a line level signal to my submaster channels. The -10dB direct input on the m463 that is for module testing, is that not an OK place to bring the +4dB balanced  outputs of my DAW?
Or is the thing to do just to use a line-in module (like an M471A, stereo, 7" module) to access the M463's summing input? (I'll have to buy some in that case...)
I'm trying to bring my DAW up without using any of the M460 modules which are all doing mic pre duties.
Thanks in advance!
Caleb from Nelson

 on: October 21, 2017, 06:22:21 AM 
Started by AlchemySound - Last post by AlchemySound
Here is a CL post  from a  fella in the Okanagan.. not mine ..I'm just throughing it out there..

 on: October 21, 2017, 06:19:02 AM 
Started by AlchemySound - Last post by AlchemySound
HI fellas ..I hoping you guys can help me out..
I have a bunch 490 modules.. 8 x E and 6 x H..
Before I convert the H to G.. I've noticed that when providing power to proper pins, none of the modules seem to power on..
As there is a bunch of logic and external ctl,timer Jazz..
is there something needing jumped to have these power on..?
the wbs console psu is good, I can power up 480s and 462s no prob..
thanx for any info or a punt in the right direction..
cheers !

 on: September 07, 2017, 02:17:32 PM 
Started by jeanmichel - Last post by jeanmichel
Hi everybody!
Looking for a WB console or console parts, I'm located near Montreal in Oka. Just got hands on 10xM441 and 10xM402B, looking to build a board with those OR even better, find another console.
Thank you!

 on: May 16, 2017, 10:19:57 AM 
Started by Anthony P. Kuzub - Last post by Anthony P. Kuzub

Tour and Presentation
When: Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Time: 7:00pm
#9-945 Middlefield Road,
Scarborough, Ontario M1V 5E1

50 years of Toronto's Ward-Beck Systems
Ward-Beck Systems is pleased to announce its 50th Anniversary in April 2017. Through five decades of continuous operation, we have witnessed many technological and social changes in our industry, including the transition from mixing consoles to tablets, the digitization of analog signals, convergence between various technologies and lately, the shift to networked audio and video signals.
Through it we persevered, evolved and kept innovating to maintain our relevance to our clients and the industry. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, after-sales support and excellent customer relations form the foundation of our company.
Join the AES Toronto Section for a presentation on:
-History of Ward-Beck Systems Toronto audio solutions
-The process and challenges of mass producing one-offs in Toronto
-Factory Tour
-AES67 network configuration and functionality as it relates to PTP and synchronization
-Interoperability and the importance it plays in the future of Audio and Video IP technology

Ward-Beck Systems showcasing the preMO, 32ME and AMS2 at the NAB 2017 IP-showcase.  Confirming SMPTE ST2110 interoperability with many manufacturers.

Please Pre-register
This event requires pre-registration.  It’s free!
Pre-Register on EventBrite
401 East -> Markham road north -> West on steeles -> south on middlefield
Free Parking out front
Pre-meeting Dutch treat dinner
5:00 pm @ Kelsey’s at 7710 Markham Road, Markham, ON L3S 3K1


Kevin Lyver
16 years of experience working at Ward-Beck Systems. Starting as a shipper & receiver and working his way up through procurement, sales and marketing to the position of Chief Operations Officer.
In November 2015 Kevin acquired the shares of Ward-Beck Systems Inc, and now holds the title of president. Efforts within the company are geared to improve to all aspects of the operation, to ease work-flow, increase productivity and profitability.
Recent activity includes working with government funded programs geared to small business development within Canada and Ontario including SR&ED, IRAP, NSERC, ICTC SBDI, OCE, and MEDG.

Anthony P. Kuzub
Audio Chameleon
Anthony started with WBS in 2002 as an enthusiast. He scanned legacy documentation and published it for the world’s consumption through the WBS Preservation Society website.
After leaving his post as technical supervisor at Toronto’s Revolution Recording to pursue studies in Communication Engineering, WBS invited Anthony to be a resident Technologist. Anthony is a product manager, systems engineer, audio network designer and field applications specialist. As an audio chameleon he can adapt solutions for any application.

This month’s meeting is sponsored by
Cheese Secrets

 on: March 16, 2017, 06:56:52 PM 
Started by Peacox - Last post by Anthony P. Kuzub
Have at it.

Failure is an option, just don't repeat the mistake 24 times... or 2024 times...

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