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Author Topic: Great news! Another early (400?) console recued from destruction!  (Read 20 times)

john Diggs

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First, Thanks to Anthony, Warren and the rest of the contributors. I've been a long time Wbs fan. This site helped a lot racking some m460b, m470a, refurbished some m621 amps . I use this stuff pretty much everyday and love it!

The great news: 
I was able to rescue most of an early Wbs console,

I had about an hour to save what i could so i don't have much info on the console, other than trying to piece info together from the modules and info found here.  I could not save the frame and most of the racks card cage. no idea on model number of the console.

Here's what i could find about the console, and what i rescued:

It was big, super heavy frame, maybe 7-8 ft by 5 ft. with all the card cages and psu racks under at the back.

I think it was some kind of "film production audio console".  The only info i found is Service stickers on the modules saying it was originaly from NFB/ONF  (National film board, in Montreal i guess). Latest service dates were around 1979.

I could not find similar consoles online but it seems to be from the 400 series era.(?)

Here are the modules i salvaged:

m124  (mic preamp, line amp, no idea how it was configured on this console)
m402b eqs
m402a eqs
m404a hi/lo eqs
m406b - compressors

routing modules:
(All modules use very high quality components like Clare/pendar illuminated push-switches. Same format "cassette" as the m402a )

m424 - m1,m2,L source select, sensitivity (of m124's input??), ch on
m425 - Cue 1, cue 2 send, bus 1-8 sends, digitran thumbswitch
m426 - echo sends master pot, bus 1-8-off-a-b-c thumbswitch
m427 - echo send pre/post, ch on switch.
m429 -  cue1, cue 2 send, A-B-C sends push buttons

all faders were Eckmiller w85 passive 200ohm faders, and a few w66a elsewhere. Never seen a pic of a Wbs with these.

M450b - summing/ program amps
m166 - summing
m648 - 48v psu
m620 -  power amp? (i found no info on web!)
some vertical Vus panels with "rev time" written.
- various custom metal panels with Clare buttons for busses, with "HORN" buttons(?)
- a main monitor control custom metal panel with cue masters, main vol etc
- A psu rack
- most module backplanes with edacs, most edacs were destroyed though..
- long frame jacks patchbays

The meter bridge was destroyed before i got there, i had to leave the frame and most racks and card cages behind unfortunately.

If anybody can share info on this type of console or history, it would be very apreciated.
I plan on rebuilding the console.  I could not "study" the wiring of the console as i was rushed and only could rip it all off. I think it is probably some kind of custom work so i doubt much info on this console or most of the routing modules would still be findable.

This is where i'll need the help of the community

I plan on using as much of the modules as i can, i will probably need help concerning the optimum routing and for summing busses etc. i would like to get it back to specs. and usable as recording and mixing console.
For example, I could find the m450b summing module schematic here but i'm not clear on how to use it yet, i will need help.
I will also need help to form a basic signal flow/block diagram for the console, i'm not quite sure yet on how the W85a faders were implemented and what drives what.
The console had zero m441, so i assume the mic pre/line amp duty was all the m124. These are what i will use for preamps.

I will build a custom frame and card cages for the m124's if i have to, but if anybody has any leads on a frame that would work or wbs card cages please let me know.

I might also be interested in routing modules similar to m424, the preamp sensitivity switches, as most of mine are too damaged.

If you guys at wbsps want some detailed pictures of the lesser known modules let me know.

I also traced most of the lesser known routing modules schematics and parts layouts for my own use because i doubt the info still exists, if you want these let me know.

Hope this is interesting to some, and if anybody can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


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